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Clubexpress likes… Kaja Clara Joo
Selected works from 2017–2020

“Social (mass-)phenomena and automated images and codes that are imprinted in us are components of my work practice. It is not the offset everyday beautiful, but threateningly invasive moments that fascinate me.”

Kaja wants to uncover unquestioned mechanisms and positions herself on current events. Sometimes with a bit of more seriousness, sometimes in a more ironic matter.
Kaja also strongly adheres to a principle that is important to her, she claimes: „I want to include and interact with an audience that is not part of the elite field of fine arts through the mere surface of aesthetics and agency. Because there is one thing i am absolutely certain about – producing art means producing standpoints.“

/ Workout, Installation 2020: Textile prints and steel
/ Notes on Famine I, Site-specific Installation 2020: Latex and steel

Thank you @kaja_clara!