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Sonia Boyce (born 1962)

In the female artists series this week we take a look at two earlier pieces by Sonia Boyce, a British Afro-Caribbean artist.
She will be representing the UK at the Venice Biennale in 2022 and the first black woman to do so.

Sonia Dawn Boyce’s work involves a “variety of media such as drawing, print, photography, video, and sound. Her art explores the interstices between sound and memory, the dynamics of space, and incorporating the spectator. ” [2]

From Tarzan to Rambo: English Born ‘Native’ Considers her Relationship to the Constructed/Self Image and her Roots in Reconstruction, 1987, Tate, © Sonia Boyce

[1] Source Sonia Boyce, Rice’n’Peas, 1982
[2] Tate