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Our first ever publication is here! ☄️

CE#1 is finally out and can be ordered at
We want to thank all the people who contributed their work to this magazine and for your support!

This magazine grew out of our need to exchange and come together during the lockdowns of 2020/21. It gave us a place to experiment and we hope to contribute to a broader discussion on contemporalities.

Junjun Dai
Paul Barth
Sebastian Hafner
Florian Röthel
Mona Steinmetzer
Georg Adam
Anton Defant
Johanna Defant
Jana Diewald
Christina Ehrmann
Lara Friesz
Pauline van Gemmern
Selin Göksu
Christopher Gruber
Jasmit Hof 
Emilie Karaskova
Sofia Kocher
Denis Kurtanovic
Jakob Lang
Assunta Leutzendorff
Leander Leutzendorff
Camilla Ruh 
Michelle Schäffer
Florentin Scheicher
Johanna Schlosser
Rita Schneeberger
Joseph B. Wilder
Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland

Editors: Paul Barth, Junjun Dai, Sebastian Hafner, Magdalena Reiner, Florian Röthel, Mona Steinmetzer
Design: Florian Röthel
Publication support: Marc Fellerer, Florentin Kurz, Isaak Lee

Fonts: Scto Grotesk A by Schick&Toikka
New Times Roman Condensed
Paper Cover: IQ Color Intensiv korallenrot
Paper: Impact Natural, 100 % Recycling, naturweiß
Printing: Druckerei Jentzsch Hans & Co GesmbH, Wien

Gefördert durch Basis Kultur Wien.