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What is clubexpress?
Club Express is a non-profit organisastion based in Vienna, Austria. With our website, we put together a platform for educational purpose and a collection of research, processing of information and data, addressing current societal topics. Its objective is to curate and discuss topics across different disciplines such as art, history, politics, feminism, digitalisation, architecture & urban planning, philosophy, etc.
Clubexpress’ goal is to share valuable content from a variety of disciplines and make it accessible through its platform.
We are currently working on our first publication featuring topics and works from different disciplines.

Why clubexpress?
club stands for the unity and sense of community that we need in our societies and notably among leftists. It is possible to join clubexpress as a member — if you’re already interested, write us an email:
express represents the fast pace societies we live in and is per se a critique of this fast moving life where express delivery and multitasking are viewed as desirable. But it also refers to the fact that, due to climate change and resulting growing inequalites, we have to act fast.

Feedback and Contact
We welcome your feedback. If you wish to report a mistake, give suggestions or any other feedback, please use the following address: (german, english, french).

If you find this collection interesting and want to follow it on social media see our instagram.
If you would like to repost our content, feel free to do so while stating credits and sources and notifying us.
You’re interested in collaborating with us? Send us a mail!

Club Express has originated at the beginning of 2020 in Vienna, Austria out of the idea that we need more interdisciplinary intiatives in Europe and in general.

Club Express
Verein zur Förderung des Diskurses von Kunst und Kultur

Vereinssitz: Wien, Österreich
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Leitungsorgan: Paul Barth, Junjun Dai, Sebastian Hafner, Florian Röthel, Mona Steinmetzer

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